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Choose suitable sofa collocate with suitable curtains to create cozy living room

Most family usually put a soft sofa into living room so that can make people have a good rest. In living room, the most important is the collocation between sofa and curtains, they decide style of whole living room. If you want to make your living room cozy, you need to think of the collocation between sofa and curtains carefully.

Firstly, in winter, you can make rosy or other warm color cloth cover for sofa, you can also address warm tippet for sofa, but you need to choose warm colors and need to be harmonious with whole furniture.

Secondly, you can cover exquisite and luxurious wool carpet in living room. You'd better choose colorful and cultural wool carpet so that can show passionate temperament, but it needs to collocate with same noble and luxurious furniture.


Thirdly, we can choose complex and gorgeous elegant curtains. These curtains can be ginger, sapphirine, dark coffee, rosy and so on. These colors can make people feel relaxed and comfortable. In addition, you can choose smooth and bright fabric so that can make whole room elegant and noble.